2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour

Have you attended a Fly Fishing Film Tour showing? If you haven’t, you need to get your tickets now.

The men and women of Fly Fishing Film Tour have a brand new showreel for 2018.

The tour kicks off in January in Bozeman, MT.

You can see the tour locations on the map below:

They have one trailer available on their website so you can get a taste of what the films are about. The films are very impressive. You can also watch trailers from the past two years on their website.

Learn more about the Fly Fishing Film Tour showings and how to get tickets on FlyFilmTour.com.

How to Be Successful in Local Search

local search

Local Search

If you own a local business, you know that it can be tough to drive consistent traffic to your website and physical business.

Depending on your niche there are top players that dominate the first page.

Creating “viral” content does not fit every business and often times does not drive relevant traffic.

You need a consistent way to drive traffic to your business that is relevant and will purchase.

If you want to dominate your competition in Local Search, continue reading.

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How I use Google Forms for Self Improvement and Goal Tracking

google forms

Using Google Forms to Improve Your Life

I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and habits. There are many applications that assist with goal tracking, journaling, time management, task completion, etc. You name it, there is an app for it.

I’ve tried many of them with zero success. I’d use them for a week then stop cold turkey.

Some of the apps were iPhone only with push notifications while others were Chrome extensions or new tab takeovers. Even with these unique ways of getting in front of me, I’d stop doing them. It took me awhile to understand why.

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My Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Your Goals Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Formulate discipline by writing out what you are going to and how you are going to do it. Be as detailed as possible. Discipline is when you do something because it moves you closer to your goals and not because you want to. Examples are going for the morning run even though you hate running and didn’t sleep well. Suck it up! Your goals don’t care that you’re tired.

Discipline breeds mental toughness. Don’t quit when it gets hard. As my CEO says, “don’t quit, refocus”. Josh Waitzkin, chess grandmaster and brilliant thinker, uses the phrase “go around” in his book “Art of Learning” when working with his son on problem solving. Sometimes the best solution is to pause think through your problem rather than giving up or plowing ahead doing the same exact thing that has failed before.

Do One Thing At A Time

Avoid multi-tasking. This can be as minute as removing background noise when reading. Background noise can be TV, office chatter, etc. The only time I stray from no background noise is when writing. Playing an upbeat, electronic song with little vocals on repeat helps me fall into a trance while writing. (This does not work for me when reading.)

The key to creating a successful routine is giving it a fair shot, iterating as you go. Do not create a routine and abandon within the first week. Tweak the routine as you go but stick with the base of the routine for at least 30-days then make the final decision.

Ideal Schedule

  • Wake – 5:00am (you’ll be tired – embrace the suck)
  • Exercise – 5:00-5:30am
  • Read – 5:30-6:30am
  • Write – 6:30-7:30am
  • Communications – 8-9am
  • Deep Work (single task) – 9-11am
  • Small Tasks – 11-1pm
  • Deep work (single task) – 1-2pm
  • Lunch – 2-2:30pm
  • Reading – 2:30-3pm
  • Deep Work (single task) – 3-5pm
  • Dinner – 5-6pm
  • Fill – 6-7pm
  • Side-project Work – 7-8pm (sometimes extended through the Fill sections if my wife is working)
  • Fill – 8-10pm
  • Read – 10-11pm
  • Tomorrow’s schedule – 11pm
  • Sleep – 11:30/12pm

Decision Fatigue Will Kill Your Creativity

Reduce decisions by creating a routine. Making decisions should be reserved to things that move you toward your professional and personal goals. You should not waste mental energy on what you’ll have for breakfast. Make it automatic.

Identify work that is important, schedule it in your calendar and focusing on it intently, without distraction. Don’t put it off. It’s too easy to say you’ll get to it tomorrow. Schedule it and hold yourself accountable.

Learn From Your Past

Jocko Willink talks about explaining the why to his team before they left on a mission in his book “Extreme Ownership” (co-authored by Leif Babin). You must do the same thing to yourself. You need to sit down and write out why it is valuable to you before you spend precious hours and resources completing it. Be honest with yourself. Keep these in a folder or document called a Decision Journal. Many investors do this for their investments (read pre-mortem). Why shouldn’t you.

Answer these questions:

  • Why are you working on this problem?
  • What does completion look like? Is there ever a ‘done’?
  • Does this move you closer to your main goal?

You must schedule these tasks in your calendar. If you don’t, you will never reap the benefits. What is not scheduled, is never done.

There is that famous saying “history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes”. The same can be applied to your work. Does last year look a lot like the year before. You set goals but are in the same spot. Maybe you’re doing the wrong thing. You’ll never know until you catalog what you’re doing and your why (or hypothesis).

This is a living document. You can add my Standard Operating Procedures to your Google Drive account or make a copy for yourself here.

Do you have edits / suggestions? Shoot me an email, I’d love to work through my thoughts with you.

How a Personal Relationship Manager will Increase your Social Capital


Person Relationship Manager

You’re familiar with a CRM, right. Most people are if they have a business background. If you don’t, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s used to manage, as you might have guessed, communications with customers throughout their lifecycle as a customer. These systems are important when working in a team environment as they facilitate sharing and make past conversation referencing a breeze.

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Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable


Feeling Uncomfortable

I love this phrase “get comfortable feeling uncomfortable“. I’ve encountered it in several books, lectures, and podcast interviews.

Being uncomfortable applies to everything in life. Whether you’re moving to a new city, learning how to play a musical instrument, learning martial arts, or asking that pretty girl on a date.

You can also interpret the phrase as do things that you do not want to do. Use it as a forcing function. If you don’t want to do something, do it. No questions asked, do the thing that you don’t want to do. You cannot allow your mind to scare you away.

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Avoid This Hiring Mistake


What is the #1 hiring mistake?

A problem that I see too often is how companies handle potential employees and the hiring process. It’s ironic as most of these companies pride themselves on customer support.

Here are the problems that I see too often:

  • No follow up from the company (either that application was received).
  • Quote timeframe when you plan to make hiring decision (if no timeframe is quoted, give timeframe for when you’ll hear back. No timeframe means if you’re a fit you’ll be hired ).
  • Setting a timeframe for when applications are due is best practice.
  • Do not hold applicants in the wind for more than a month.

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Giving Back

Giving Back

I’ve donated more money in the last month than I have in the past 10 years.

This is not to boast. This is embarrassing. I’ve been making enough money to easily support myself for the past 9-10 years. Why has it taken me so long to learn the value of giving back?

It’s absolutely embarrassing. I’m glad I learned this lesson now and not next year or worse 5 years down the road.

Too often you hear, “I’ll donate when I’m rich”. That doesn’t happen. It’s similar to saying, “I’ll workout starting next week”. You won’t. You have to start now with the resources you have.

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